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Christmas Gift List for Sailors

I live for gift-giving. I adore every aspect of coaming through the internet to find the perfect gift, but I realize that gift-giving is an overwhelming chore for many. For those that see Christmas decor going up and begin to break out in hives, I have put together a list of a few favorite gift ideas and stores for the sailors in your lives.

Before you jump into the list, look at the post on Basic must-have sailing gear! If your sailor is missing any of those items, start there (Knockaround sunglasses make perfect stocking stuffers).

Also, is there a sailing club or yacht club your sailor belongs to that you can support by purchasing shirts or hats? For example, the Galveston Bay Cruising Association is our local club, and they have shirts, burgees, and stickers available to buy at their store that will make perfect gifts. Or, if your sailor is just getting started, consider purchasing them a gift certificate from a local sailing school.

Finally, below is the list to get your gift-giving juices flowing. Many items are not from Amazon, so they need additional shipping time.

Christmas ornaments:

Accessories and clothing:


  • The Proving Ground - $14.96. The harrowing story of the infamous and fatal 1998 Sydney Hobart race.

  • Endurance - $12.59. The true tale of Ernest Shackleton's 1915 attempt to reach the South Pole on the sailing ship Endurance.


Decor and homewares:


  • Raft & Scupper - The Thinking Pirates' Game! - $36. A wooden two-player strategy game about sinking ships.

  • Shut the Box - $21.99. This wooden dice game is a staple in coastal and island bars (our first introduction was in a bar in BVI!). Easy, quick, and a lot of fun.

  • Skull King - $16.99. A highly-rated card game for all ages! Has five stars and over 5,000 reviews on Amazon.


Sailing bags:

  • Gill Race Team Bag 30L - $79.95. Every sailor needs a waterproof bag that looks the part for all of their gear!

  • Sea Bags - Recycled Sail Cloth Bags - They have a little bit of everything, from small toiletry bags to large weekenders. They are made from genuine used sails, which is very cool. Many companies make bags out of old sails, so you can shop around, but try to look for those using real old sails and not just new sailcloth.


Favorite Stores: If none of the above fit the bill, peruse the below stores.

Helly Hansen: When you show up on a boat with Helly Hansen gear, you are almost guaranteed to be showered in compliments. It’s one of those sailing name brands that always looks sharp. If you have the means and your sailor needs new foulies, set them up with HH gear.

Kiel James Patrick: I discovered this Newport, Rhode Island staple a couple of years ago and never looked back. I own several of their dresses, sweaters, sweatshirts, and a couple of jewelry pieces. Pro tip: They have a Sailorgram Collection of monogrammed bracelets using signal flags (hint hint AK)!

Kenny Flowers; Like Kiel James Patrick, I love this company. Their clothing and swimwear aren’t technically nautical but perfect for those planning a bareboat vacation! Also, my husband loves their gold polos because they absolutely refuse to wrinkle!

Landfall Navigation: My husband’s go-to site when ordering gear or parts for the boat online. It has its own gifts section, which is very thorough!

Marley in the Middle: This small business creates custom line drawings of your boat (any boat!) You can purchase attire and/or the digital file that can be used on other sites for custom goods. Several companies are doing this work, but I like the small business aspect. For repeat and bulk orders, there are special discounts too!

Nautical Antiques & Tropical Decor: If you are in the Houston area, a trip to this fantastic shop on the Galveston Strand will not disappoint. It is filled with unique old and new nautical items. It has everything from hand-carved figureheads to brass plates pulled off old ships. Note: The shop is closed for their annual buying trip on November 1 - 24, 2022.

West Marine: We joke that every time we pass a West Marine, we should pull into the parking lot and burn a $100 bill since everything boating-related is so expensive. If your sailor is picky regarding gear or owns their own boat, a gift card will always be a much-appreciated gift (the bigger, the better!).

If all else fails, head to your local liquor store and pick up some Kraken rum or a nice bottle of wine with a nautical-themed label like Silent Sea Cabernet Sauvignon.

Now, wrap your gift up in an old nautical chart, and you're all set!

Any unique and non-kitschy sailing Christmas gifts I should add to the list? Add a comment to let me know!

This post will be updated as I do my own Christmas shopping!

Affiliate Disclosure: As an Amazon Associate, we may earn commissions from qualifying purchases from We only endorse or recommend products we personally use or come highly recommended by trusted peers.

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